Feel Better Bling

In April 2017, Beau Dunn was on her elopement trip with her fiancé James Fay, and suffered a freak accident a week before their wedding in South Africa, while riding a Zebra. Admitted into the hospital in Somerset West, two hours outside of Capetown, Dunn spent five nights in the hospital with a dislocated patella (knee cap), shattered cartilage and a torn tendon in her left knee. After canceling their African wedding, and shortly after being discharged from the hospital, Beau and James spent a few more nights in Capetown before being approved to fly due to blood clotting. After 27 hours of flying back to Los Angeles, Beau had emergency surgery at Kerlan & Jobe in Los Angeles, and was told her injury recovery time should be up to one year.  “After trying every type of crutches, I was introduced to Mobilegs, which change my life! They were unlike any crutch I had tried, and finally comfortable,” says Beau.

Shortly after surgery in Los Angeles Beau and James celebrated Beau’s 30th Birthday, along with their wedding reception in Beverly Hills on June 10th. “While at my final dress fitting, my mom and best friends and I felt like I could add a little bling to my crutches– and that is when Feel Better Bling was created.” The crutches were a huge hit, matching my wedding gown perfectly, and I have worn them out almost every night since. The reaction I get out in public has been amazing – people stopped asking about my injury and instead complimented me on how amazing I looked on my crutches. They wanted to know where they could buy some for their upcoming surgery – they saw how happy and how much better they made me feel while out.

My main goal is to help people feel as great about their time on crutches as I do with my Feel Better Bling – they changed my life.

For every pair of Feel Better Bling crutches purchased we donate a pair of Mobilegs to a disabled child in need.

These crutches are top of the line and will help children move more efficiently.